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Research and Development in Yoga and Naturopathy

Management of the Council

The activities of the Council are governed by the following three Committees:-

  • Governing Body (GB)
  • The General management of the Council lies with the Governing Body which is headed by the Hon’able Minister of AYUSH as its President. The Governing Body has full control of the affairs of the Central Council and has the authority to exercise all the powers, acts and deeds of the Central Council in consonance with the aims and objectives of the Council. The formulation of policies and overall guidance for the programmes and activities of the council are provided by the Governing Body. Besides the President, there are official and non-official members consisting of experts from the field of Yoga, Naturopathy and Modern Medicine.

  • Standing Finance Committee (SFC)
  • The SFC is composed of official members and non-official members and is headed by the Joint Secretary (AYUSH) as Chairman. The functions of the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) are to formulate the programmes related to Yoga & Naturopathy, examine the budget & annual accounts of the Council and all other matters having financial bearing before they are put up to the Governing Body for approval.

  • Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • There is Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) headed by a Chairman (an eminent expert of Yoga, Naturopathy or Modern Medicine), besides the experts from different fields. The SAC examines and recommends the technical matters of the Council to the Governing Body for its approval. Apart from the above, there is an Institutional Ethies Committee to examine and evaluate the research projects and other schemes from different point of views.